Microsoft considered launching Surface Duo 2 dual-screen Wi-Fi only version

Microsoft previously released Android dual-screen devices Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2, developers and enthusiasts can download the device source code from GitHub. Accessing this information makes it easier to create projects such as Windows 11 porting for the original Surface Duo. Also, it helps to discover anecdotes about these devices.

According to developer Gustave Monce, the Surface Duo 2 kernel source code hints at a Wi-Fi-only version of the Surface Duo 2 dual-screen device that Microsoft was considering at some point. But Microsoft has never acknowledged the existence of a Surface Duo 2 device without cellular.

Perhaps, the logic behind the idea is to create a cheaper Surface Duo as a companion device to a user's smartphone like a shrunken Surface Neo with Android, rather than Windows 10X.

However, in the end, Microsoft abandoned the Wi-Fi-only model and launched the Surface Duo 2 with a cellular network + Wi-Fi version that conforms to the mobile phone form. IT House has learned that the current price of this device is $999 (about 6903.09 yuan), which has enjoyed a substantial discount of $500 (about 3455 yuan).

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