Microsoft: Xbox One sales less than half as Sony PS4

Recently, Microsoft defended its acquisition of Activision Blizzard in front of the Brazilian Antitrust Enforcement Agency (CADE). In one of the court documents, Microsoft said that the sales of Sony PS4 game consoles are Microsoft Xbox One.

On pages 17/18 (paragraph 46) of the court documents published by Microsoft, it states that Sony has surpassed Microsoft in console sales, with the previous generation of consoles, the PS4, more than twice as many as the Xbox One.

As early as January 2022, Sony said it has sold more than 116 million PS4 game consoles worldwide and recently gave a total of 117.2 million units, which is also the most successful after the PS2 (155 million units sold). Game host.

And since 2015, Microsoft has refused to release sales of its consoles, claiming it's not the "key metric of success" they like to focus on. But from this court document, it can be estimated that Microsoft's Xbox One game console sales are between 50 million and 60 million.

In addition, court documents show that Microsoft wants to promote a "player-centric" Xbox Game Pass rather than directly compete with Sony's PS5, and Microsoft also dismissed that "incorporating Activision Blizzard content into the Xbox Game Pass game catalog would represent the market. turning point".

Microsoft also hinted in the document that due to brand loyalty, Xbox is unlikely to successfully compete with Sony in the current or next cycle because "PlayStation has a stronger market position."

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