Microsoft's Xbox chief product manager: TV is the key to mainstreaming cloud gaming

Cologne, Germany opened this year's Cologne International Games Exhibition (Gamescom 2022). At this year's Cologne Games Show, Microsoft's Xbox chief product manager Harrison Hoffman talked about the future of cloud gaming in an interview.

According to a report today, Hoffman believes that while bringing a large number of games to mobile devices is one of the main attractions of cloud gaming , playing cloud games on TV is the key to the mainstreaming of cloud gaming . "Different people have different preferences, and certain games are suitable for playing on smaller screens, but one of the reasons I'm excited about the Xbox TV app is because our games are on the big screen," he said in the interview. These games are made for the big screen.”

Previously, Microsoft released an Xbox TV app in partnership with Samsung, which is currently only available on Samsung's 2022 TVs. Since these TVs have only been on the market for 8 months, the Xbox TV app has fewer users.

"People are used to watching movies and TV shows through streaming platforms like Netflix or Disney+," Hoffman said. "We want to enable users to stream games the same way they would watch movies on Netflix. This simplicity is What it takes for cloud gaming to become mainstream.”

At the same time, Hoffman believes that Xbox cannot attract players only through game consoles and PCs. Xbox needs to lower the threshold of games and increase their attractiveness by developing cloud games.

At this year's Cologne Games Show, Xbox showed off the actual experience of its TV app. At the same time, Hoffman said that although the TV shown this time is connected through a network cable, Xbox has completed most of the tests of wired and wireless connections, and Xbox will gradually improve the user's cloud gaming experience.

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