MSI Preheats New X670 Motherboard

The AMD Ryzen 7000 processor will be released at the end of this month and is expected to be launched next month when the X670 series motherboards of various manufacturers will also be listed simultaneously. Today, MSI released a warm-up message for its X670 series motherboards, introducing the function of tool-free M.2 hard drive installation.

As shown in the picture above, this MPG X670E CARBON WIFI Diablo motherboard uses this new M.2 clip. The picture above shows the motherboard comes with M.2 Frost Armor heatsink. There is a metal moving part at the end of the heat sink. Push it to the right by hand and lift it up to release and bounce the M.2 Frost Armor. Use a screwdriver.

The M.2 hard disk body is also designed without tools. After inserting the hard disk into the M.2 slot, the fastener at the end can be rotated half a turn to lock the hard disk, which saves the step of screwing every time.

Officials say that with the help of the new design, M.2 hard drives can theoretically be installed with one hand. 

In addition, MSI also introduced the SSD heatsink for the X670 motherboard. MSI said that considering that M.2 will support PCI-E 5.0, the Frost Armor heat sink of the MSI X670 motherboard has also been specially designed. The double-layer structure brings a larger heat exchange area to improve the heat dissipation effect of M.2 hard drives, which can keep it running at full speed for as long as possible for a PCI-E 5.0 hard drive with a maximum speed of 13GB per second.

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