NAURA officially released the CCP dielectric etching machine to achieve full coverage of the etching process

According to the official announcement of NAURA, today, NAURA officially released the CCP media etching machine, which has been verified and mass-produced by 5 customers. Previously, NAURA has launched ICP etching machines, metal etching machines, etc., to achieve full coverage of the etching process.

North Huachuang NMC508 RIE dielectric etching machine adopts 8-inch equipment for 20 years of process foundation; chambers and hardware specially designed for 8-inch process meet customized needs; 6 & 8-inch compatibility, enabling fast switching; 100 customers completed verification and achieved mass production; support 18 years of mature software system applications, as well as a stable spare parts system, equipped with a reliable supply chain; equipped with a full-service team, which can provide process development, parts supply, software upgrades, quality assurance services, etc. All-inclusive protection.

According to the official introduction, the NMC508 RIE dielectric etching machine has the characteristics of good etching morphology, high selection ratio and superior process performance in the front process; in the latter process, it can achieve effective control of metal by-products, maintenance cycle It adopts multi-frequency radio frequency technology, which has the characteristics of high etching rate, good process uniformity and large process window, which can better meet the application development trend of deep hole and small CD; on the wafer transfer platform system, the self-developed self-developed Universal platform with mature software system and automatic wafer centering (AWC) function to meet the needs of stable wafer transfer operations; in the chamber design, a unique anti-plasma ignition structure and precise electrode temperature control are adopted Design, with temperature zone control function, equipped with end point detection system, to meet the requirements of key etching process uniformity, end point capture, etc., and good particle performance; long life of consumables, easy maintenance, can meet your cost of ownership (COO) and consumption Cost (COC) double low demand. As a CCP etching machine, it has the advantages of high selectivity ratio and high etching rate in dielectric etching. It is suitable for dielectric silicon oxide, silicon nitride, silicon oxynitride, and other film materials; it can provide customers with logic devices including logic devices, power devices, compound semiconductors, etc.; the main application areas include but are not limited to Logic, BCD, Power (Si / SiC / GaN), MEMS.

The launch of the NMC508 RIE dielectric etching machine has completed the last piece of the puzzle of domestic equipment technology in this field, and realized the overall solution of NAURA on 8-inch etching equipment, including silicon etching, deep silicon etching, metal etching, compound semiconductor etching (SiC, GaN, GaAs, InP, LiNbO 3,  LiTaO 3, etc.) and other process equipment.

North Huachuang can also provide 8-inch equipment including PVD, CVD, ALD, furnace tube, cleaning, etc. to provide a total solution.

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