Nintendo reiterates that the Switch won't go up in price

Sony announced a price increase for the PlayStation 5 game console. Among them, the National Bank version increased by 400 yuan. After the price increase, the official price of the optical drive version is 4299 yuan, and the digital version is 3499 yuan.

In this regard, Microsoft said today that it will not increase the price of the Xbox no matter how the currency price changes, and Nintendo also reiterated its position that it will not increase the price in an interview with Eurogamer today.

Nintendo said that, as previously stated at the 82nd General Meeting of Shareholders, although some countries are currently in a situation of inflation or rising procurement costs, Nintendo has no plans to raise hardware prices, and will continue to prudently determine future Pricing Strategy.

“As our President Mr. Furukawa said at the 82nd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in June:

“While we cannot comment on pricing strategy, we do not currently have any plans to change hardware prices due to inflation or increased procurement costs per country. We will determine our future pricing strategy through careful and ongoing deliberation.

"While the final price for consumers is always determined by the retailer, as Mr. Furukawa said, Nintendo has no plans to increase the transaction price of its hardware."

At the same time, while the end consumer's price is determined by the retailer, at least on Nintendo's side, there is absolutely no intention to increase the transaction price of the hardware.

Nintendo President Furukawa Shuntaro previously stated that he would not consider raising the price of the flagship game console Switch to help ease the gap in the increasing production and transportation costs, so as not to scare off consumers.

Furukawa Shuntaro said, "We are competing in a global multi-entertainment environment, and we always think about pricing from the entertainment value we provide." He said that Nintendo has sold 100 million Switch games so far, which is not conducive to maintaining the company's overall Business momentum is important.

At the beginning of August this year, Nintendo has confirmed that it does not plan to increase the price of Nintendo Switch in Japan. Bloomberg recently asked the publisher and other console makers Microsoft and Sony about the possibility. Nintendo responded that there are currently "no plans" to increase prices.

Currently, the yen is depreciating, down 21% over the past year. As a result, electronics manufacturers have been raising electronics prices slightly to compensate. Game consoles are currently $100 cheaper (about 676 yuan) around the world except in Japan. The big three console developers all have reason to worry that raising console prices will make players and developers uncompetitive.

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