Nokia-Google Partners to Successfully Trial New 4G/5G Network Slicing on Pixel 6 Pro

According to Nokia Bell, in the face of more needs of smartphone users, Nokia and Google have cooperated to use UE Routing Strategy (URSP) technology to focus on different enterprise and consumer applications. Provide new 5G network slicing services.

Nokia and Google jointly announced that they have successfully piloted an innovative network slice selection feature on 4G and 5G networks using UE Routing Policy Technology (URSP) and Google Pixel 6 Pro phones with Android 13. The solution will enable operators to offer new 5G network slicing services and enhance customer application experience using Android 13-powered devices.

Conducted at Nokia's Network Slicing Development Center in Tampere, Finland, the trial also tested the LTE-5G new radio slice interworking feature, which will allow operators to maximize the use of existing network equipment in frequency bands and coverage.

The URSP feature enables smartphones to connect to multiple network slices simultaneously through different enterprise and consumer applications according to the specific requirements of the user. The feature also extends network slicing to new types of applications and use cases, allowing network slicing to be provisioned based on network performance, traffic routing, latency, and security.

For example, an enterprise customer can use one high-performance and secure network slice to send trade secrets while using another slice to join a video call.

In addition, consumers can get personalized network slicing services, such as cloud gaming or high-quality live video streaming . The URSP-based network slicing solution is also compatible with Nokia's new 5G radio resource allocation mechanism, Slicing Continuity feature on 4G and 5G networks.

The trial used Nokia's end-to-end 4G/5G network slicing portfolio, including RAN-transport-core and associated control and management systems. The trial includes 5G network slice selection and connectivity based on enterprise and consumer application categories, as well as interworking capabilities for 5G NR-LTE slices.

Nokia's network slicing solution supports all LTE, 5G NSA and 5G SA devices, enabling mobile operators to tap into a vast device ecosystem and provide slice continuity across 4G and 5G.

Nokia has conducted numerous field network deployments and trials with its global customers, including the deployment of new slicing capabilities such as edge slicing for virtual private networks, LTE-NSA-SA end-to-end network slicing, fixed wireless access slicing, slicing wireless Web and slice management automation and orchestration.

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