Nokia will announce mobile computers made by it early next month

You have already heard of Nokia smartphones, regular Nokia phones, and even tablets under the Nokia brand. Now Nokia-branded laptops are about to arrive. The new computers will be part of the PureBook computer series which is going to be revealed soon.

The new Nokia computers are registered under the name " Off Global ", a French start-up company that manufactures the new computers. The collaboration between Nokia and the French start-up company was announced in the past and to date, 2 models of Nokia computers have been launched which were marketed in different parts of the world.

According to estimates, Nokia is going to reveal the new computers at the IFA exhibition, which is going to take place at the beginning of this September. At the exhibition, the company will present the models Nokia PureBook Lite 15, Nokia PureBook Lite 14, Nokia PureBook Fold 14, Nokia PureBook Pro 17, and Nokia PureBook Pro 15.

The first two models that were launched came with market entry specifications, quite low specifications. This means that the processors were Intel Core i3 with 8 gigabytes of operating memory, IPS display, and more. This time it is not yet known with which specifications the computers will arrive. Many hope that Nokia will bring to the market computers with advanced data and not just entry-level computers with weak data.

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