Nreal Air AR glasses released

The AR glasses brand Nreal held its first AR glasses conference in China tonight, launching a new product Nreal Air, as well as a domestic version of the overseas product Nreal X, priced from 2299 yuan.

Nreal Air is a new AR glasses created by Nreal. It has a spatial retina-level display, equipped with a 130-inch aerial projection screen and a 201-inch AR sharp color sky screen , and supports various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, handhelds, game consoles, etc. Connection. At the same time, Nreal also created a three-degree panoramic AR space for Nreal Air.

Nreal Air adopts the concept of "avant-garde minimalist aesthetics" and refers to the classic sunglasses shape , which can be worn in various life scenes without any burden . At the same time, Nreal Air weighs only 79g (excluding cables and nose pads), and uses a soft braided Type-C connection cable, with the original 140° elbow design on the glasses end, to ensure that there is no problem after connecting the end of the temple. sense of use.

The hinge of the Nreal Air temple supports three vertical adjustments, has a 40° horizontal elastic opening and closing range, and provides three sizes of nose pads, which can adapt to various head circumferences from 120-186mm, as well as various nose and face shapes. , bringing a high-level comfortable wearing experience.

Nreal Air is equipped with the self-developed "Jinghong Ruiying" optical engine 2.0 , which has the characteristics of optical see-through type, and adopts a new generation of Sony Micro OLED as the image source.

In terms of display effect, Nreal Air has a resolution of 3840*1080 , MTF>0.7, and PPD=49. At the same time, Nreal Air has an ultra-high contrast ratio of 100,000:1, a 108% sRGB high color gamut, and an eye-catching brightness of up to 400nits.

Nreal Air is also the world's first AR glasses that have obtained the three authoritative certifications of TUV Rheinland's low blue light, no flicker, and Eye comfort.

Nreal Air's aerial screen projection mode can project the screen of mobile phones, tablets, Macs, handhelds, game consoles and other electronic devices to a maximum of 130 inches (4 meters in front of the eyes) , satisfying users at home, office, subway, plane, camping requirements in various scenarios.

In terms of connection scheme, Android phone/tablet/Windows notebook/iPad/Mac with Type-C interface and supporting DisplayPort output, as well as Steam Deck or Windows game console directly connected to Nreal Air, you can achieve 130-inch ultra-clear air drop Screen.

The iPhone equipped with Lighting interface and the Switch equipped with HDMI interface can be connected to Nreal Air through the Nreal adapter to realize the aerial screen projection function. In the future, Nreal will also be upgraded through firmware to adapt to game consoles such as Xbox and PS.

Nreal Air brings a three-degree panoramic AR space, equipped with a 201-inch sharp-colored sky screen, which can adjust the screen size, distance and position at will. In the AR space, Nreal also launched the Nreal space interaction system for the first time in the Chinese market, where users can customize the placement of apps and widgets.

In terms of AR content, Nreal has cooperated with iQiyi, China Mobile Migu, Weilai, and Kuaishou to exclusively develop and customize multiple AR content platforms.

The Nreal has launched the Nreal adapter for Apple devices equipped with Lighting interface and smart devices equipped with HDMI interface to realize the connection between iPhone or iPad and Nreal Air, bringing a 130-inch air giant that is plug-and-play anytime, anywhere. Screen projection experience. At the same time, the Nreal adapter also supports the screen projection connection of the Switch, and will soon upgrade the firmware to adapt to game consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox.

In terms of price, the price of Nreal Air is 2299 yuan , the price of Nreal X is 4299 yuan, and the price of Nreal adapter is 799 yuan. 

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