OnePlus 9R / 9RT 5G opens Android 13, ColorOS 13 upgrade beta recruitment

Although some netizens like to ridicule "lower class", the Ojia Group is still very careful about the OnePlus brand.

On July 19, OnePlus 9RT 5G released the official version upgrade of ColorOS 12 × Android 12. A month later, ColorOS officially announced that the OnePlus 9RT 5G and OnePlus 9R 5G are now open for the recruitment of the ColorOS 13 upgrade internal test log version.

In addition, OnePlus 9 Pro, OnePlus 9, and OnePlus 9R have also turned on the 120-frame support for the Honor of Kings, bringing an ultra-smooth and smooth gaming experience.

According to reports, in the new ColorOS upgrade internal test, the internal test version will be divided into log version and nolog version. The recruitment version of this internal test is the log version. Users can choose one of them to sign up and do not need to participate repeatedly.

Both versions are internal beta versions, their running effects are not as stable as the official version, and there are some bugs. The main differences are as follows:

  1. Log version: The log grab switch is always on by default, which will have a certain impact on the performance and battery life of the mobile phone, but will not affect the normal use of the mobile phone. If you encounter problems with the version, you can go to the feedback toolbox to submit log feedback. The internal test log version has higher quotas and requirements. It is recommended that those with test experience should choose the log version first.
  2. Nolog version: The log grab switch is turned off by default, which has no effect on the performance and battery life of the phone. If you encounter problems with the version, you can go to the problem collection post in the OnePlus community to report the version problem.

Recruitment details

  1. Recruitment models: OnePlus 9RT 5G (basic version C.04 or C.06), OnePlus 9R 5G (basic version C.32)
  2. Recruitment period: August 25th - August 26th 10:00
  3. Review time: It is expected to be reviewed within 5 working days after the recruitment ends. Please refer to the application interface for the review results.
  4. Version push time: The version will be pushed within 3 working days after the review is completed

Eligible users can click "Settings > About This Machine > Top Version Information (above "Mobile Name") > Settings button in the upper right corner > Early adopters application > Upgrade internal beta" on the mobile phone, and then apply according to the prompts .

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