Open Kylin openKylin officially launched the Hongshan open source platform

According to the release of Hongshan open source and openKylin, recently, openKylin, the open source community version of the Kylin operating system, was officially launched on the Hongshan open source platform, including 1179 code repositories of all open source projects.

Public organization address: Click here

The latest version released by the openKylin community is openKylin 0.7.5, which is based on the Linux 5.15 kernel and other open-source components. A system theme that provides Wayland support and tablet mode support, and integrates a series of stable versions of basic libraries, graphics development libraries, and SDKs. The community plans to release an operating system version every year, and push updates from time to time, and the project code will be updated on the Hongshan open source platform synchronously.

The openKylin community aims to build a top-level open source community for desktop operating systems through open source and open community cooperation on the basis of open source, voluntary, equality, and collaboration with "co-creation" as the core.

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