OPPO Find N folding screen push Android 13 / ColorOS 13 beta version

Recently, OPPO has taken the lead in releasing ColorOS 13 based on Android 13 overseas, and the domestic launch is scheduled for August 30. ColorOS 13 features a new aquatic design with a smooth, vibrant and inclusive UI and animations inspired by the way water moves in nature.

The previously recruited and registered OPPO Find N folding screen mobile phone began to push the Android 13-based ColorOS 13 internal beta. IT House learned that the update log shows that this system has optimized the card design and fonts, added NFC college campus cards, added screenshot editing to support graffiti, optimized mobile screen projection, added Omoji various materials, and supports setting contact avatars. Added anti-malicious induced installation application function, upgraded HyperBoost GPA stable frame technology to version 4.0, etc.

The following is the specific update content:

Brand new design

  • Optimize card design, classify and integrate information, and improve information acquisition speed
  • Optimized fonts, more coordinated typesetting, and increased legibility

Efficient and convenient

  • Added NFC college campus card, you can travel on campus without a card (support some colleges and universities)
  • Added media playback center to optimize the operation experience of the control center
  • Added screenshot editing support for graffiti and upgraded graffiti brushes
  • Upgrade Super Recording to version 2.0, enhance search ability, support exporting graphic data

Seamless interconnection

  • Optimize mobile phone screen projection, support content adaptive screen projection layout, screen projection and mobile phone use do not interfere with each other


  • Added a variety of Omoji materials, supports setting contact avatars, and creates more personalized avatars. Added time screen display, providing more personalized style settings for the screen

Security Privacy

  • Added anti-malicious induced installation application function, supports intelligent blocking of malicious pop-ups and advertisements
  • Optimized private safe, using advanced AES full file encryption scheme to enhance the security of private files

Health care

  • Added automatic switching to children's mode when using the children's space browser to protect children's health. Added detection of children's space distance, ambient light, sitting posture, etc. to trigger reminders
  • Added children's space to automatically open the eye protection mode to protect children's eyesight
  • Added family space to view family health data, comprehensively protect and care for family members

Performance optimization

  • Upgrade LinkBoost to version 4.0, intelligently identify and improve multi-scenario network quality, cover extremely weak network speed scenarios, and optimize download speed
  • Optimize the openness of the ear canal, jointly build the ear canal capability ecology, and facilitate the access of three-party applications

Game experience

  • Upgrade HyperBoost GPA frame stabilization technology to version 4.0 to achieve stable frame rate in key scenes, balancing performance and power consumption

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