Saifang Technology released high-performance mass-produced RISC-V single-board computer and multimedia processor JH7110

RISC-V hardware and software manufacturer Saifang Technology recently released two new products: the world's first mass-produced high-performance RISC-V multimedia processor - Fang·Jinghong 7110 (JH7110), and the global The highest-performance mass-produced RISC-V single-board computer -- VisionFive 2.

According to the official introduction, as a high-performance, low-power, multi-functional RISC-V-based application processor chip, JH7110 adopts mature TSMC 28nm process, equipped with 64-bit high-performance quad-core RISC-V CPU, operating frequency 1.5GHz, 2MB of L2 cache. JH7110 integrates 3DGPU, H.264 / H.265 video codec IP and ISP IP, it is a powerful multimedia processing platform.

According to the actual measurement, the JH7110 CPU has a stable operating frequency of 1.5GHz and a Coremark running score of 5.09. It is the product with the best performance among RISC-V mass-produced chips on the market. In addition, JH7110 provides more powerful GPU processing capabilities. Under the working frequency of 400MHz GPU, the industry-standard GPU benchmark - GLmark2 test is used. Compared with the widely used main control chip in the field of single-board computer, the measured data of JH7110 reaches 4 times more.

Saifang Technology said that in terms of power consumption, the JH7110 is divided into 8 power domains that can be switched independently, and the CPU frequency can be adjusted through software. Customers can set the most effective chip working scene completely according to application scenarios and performance requirements to achieve PPA balance. . In the sleep state, the power consumption of the JH7110 is 120mW; in the single-board computer application scenario, the JH7110 works at full load, and the dynamic power consumption is 4100mW; in the application scenarios of soft routing and NAS, users do not need GPU and video encoding, but need dual network ports When it is working, the user can control the module switch through software, and the actual power consumption will drop to 3300mW at this time.

According to the official introduction of Saifang Technology, JH7110 has powerful multimedia support capabilities. JH7110 integrates a low-power ISP developed by Saifang Technology, provides powerful H.264 / H.265 encoding and decoding capabilities, supports dual-channel 1080P@30fps encoding, 1-channel 4K@60fps or 4-channel 1080P@30fps decoding; support JPEG encoding and decoding; display output can support 2-channel 4K dual-screen display, 6-layer overlay display; integrated GPU rendering capability can reach 2400MPixels/s. With faster response speed and smoother image processing, JH7110 can bring good gaming experience to gamers. In addition, ordinary users can also get a smooth experience in common desktop environments such as Debian and OpenHarmony.

Based on JH7110, Saifang Technology released the world's first mass-produced RISC-V single-board computer with high performance, low cost and integrated 3D GPU - VisionFive 2.

Saifang Technology said that VisionFive 2 is equipped with JH7110 multimedia processor, which has strong computing power and graphics processing power; it is equipped with a complete audio and video interface: DVP, MIPI, HDMI, audio stereo interface; two network interfaces; 40-pin Full-featured GPIO, compatible with general peripheral modules of various mainstream development boards; at the same time, it provides expansion interfaces for PCIE, USB, and SDIO peripherals.

According to Saifang Technology, at present, on the VisionFive series development boards, the official Linux distributions Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Debian, ArchLinux, AltLinux, Gentoo, Lubuntu and other operating systems have been transplanted. Kirin etc. In addition, the VisionFive series development boards have fully supported high-level languages ​​such as Python and JAVA. At the same time, the Ark compiler that supports Javascript programming will soon be available under the OpenHarmony operating system.

VisionFive 2 covers three versions of 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB, and the corresponding prices are $55, $65, and $85. In addition, Saifang Technology will also launch a two-month crowdfunding campaign, where users can enjoy up to 25% discount.

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