Samsung Display CEO said it will expand computer OLED panel business

 Samsung Display, which has obvious advantages in OLED panels required for smartphones, will expand the OLED panel business required for IT products such as notebook computers and PCs , and increase investment in R&D and production resources. 

Samsung Display will increase investment in OLED panels for IT products, CEO Choi Joo-sun revealed in a speech at an international conference on the panel industry.

Cui Zhoushan revealed in his speech that since the epidemic, a large number of new information technology products have been launched around the world. In this diversified market, they have seen the huge potential of OLED panels. 

Cui Zhoushan also revealed that the scale of the global OLED panel market will increase from US$40-45 billion this year to US$100 billion in 2030, and the market size will double.

In his speech, Cui Zhoushan also revealed that Samsung Display plans to build an 8th-generation OLED panel production line for IT products, with the goal of putting it into production in 2024 . While he did not disclose the investment in the new line, he said they had set a target of $50 billion in annual sales.

OLED panels with better display effects than LCD panels are also a business that Samsung Electronics is strengthening. They revealed in 2020 that they will abandon the LCD panel business and turn to high-end products with higher profit margins, mainly OLED panels. In June of this year, Samsung Display stopped producing LCD panels for TVs.

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