Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4/ Flip 4 battery life test

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold / Flip 4 two folding phones were officially released on August 10, the latter has a larger battery, and both are equipped with a lower power consumption Snapdragon 8 + processor, so how do these two phones actually perform in terms of battery life? Recently, TechDroider, a well-known foreign blogger, tested the battery life of these two Samsung folding phones.

TechDroider compares Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 (4400mAh), Galaxy Z Flip 4 (3700mAh), Galaxy S22 Ultra (5000mAh), iPhone 13 Pro Max (4352mAh), OnePlus 10 Pro (5000mAh), and Xiaomi 12S Ultra (4860mAh), of which the Galaxy Z Fold / Flip 4 has a lower battery capacity than the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but the battery life of the first two still exceeds the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

TechDroider put these 6 mobile phones to the "test to death" limit test, the test items include games, web browsing, 1080P 60 frame video playback, social software, short video, and recorded video. The refresh rate and brightness are the same in the test, and other conditions are as follows:

The results showed that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was the first phone to be turned off, which lasted 8 hours and 56 minutes, and the temperature on the back of the fuselage reached 50.4°C when it was turned off; the second phone to be turned off was the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, which lasted 9 hours 4 minutes, its temperature was 42.1°C; the third shutdown was the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which lasted 9 hours and 18 minutes, and its temperature was 39.7°C.

Judging from these three Samsung products, these two folding phones have longer battery life and lower temperature than the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Among them, the Snapdragon 8+ contributes, and TSMC's 4nm process is still stronger than Samsung's 4nm process. some.

Of the three remaining phones, the OnePlus 10 Pro lasted just one minute longer than the Galaxy Z Fold 4 (9 hours 19 minutes), but ran hotter (45.1°C); than the Mi 12S Ultra, which was just released in early July, the battery life is 9 hours and 38 minutes, and the temperature is 44.1 ℃; the iPhone 13 Pro Max has the longest battery life, reaching 10 hours and 35 minutes, and the temperature is 40.5 ℃.

Recently, Jacob Chen, vice president of Samsung China Taiwan, said that powered by Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 8 Plus first-generation processor, the new Galaxy folding screen phone can solve the overheating and performance limitations of the previous generation. He also expects global shipments of folding screen models to reach 20 million units in 2022.

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