Samsung lowered its mobile phone shipments this year to 260 million units

Market research firm Strategy Analytics previously released a report saying that Samsung's global shipments in the second quarter of this year were 62.5 million units, with a market share of 21.5%, a year-on-year increase of 9.5%. Although this is Samsung's highest Q2 performance since 2020, it is reported today that Samsung has lowered its mobile phone shipments this year.

According to reports from THE ELEC, a source said that Samsung lowered its mobile phone shipment target this year to 260 million units, which is a decrease from Samsung’s 270 million mobile phone shipments last year and negative year-on-year growth.

In 2020, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, Samsung's mobile phone shipments plummeted to 250 million units. After successfully shipping 270 million phones in 2021, Samsung initially planned to ship 334 million phones this year. Among them, Samsung produced 284 million units by itself, and jointly produced 50 million units with China Wingtech and Huaqin (JDM).

The reason why Samsung lowered its shipment target for this year is mainly that the uncertainty of the global economy has led to consumers being more cautious in their consumption. At present, in addition to the relatively strong shipments of Apple's iPhone, the shipments of other mobile phone manufacturers have suffered varying degrees of setbacks.

According to reports, Samsung originally planned to produce 60 million mobile phones in the first quarter, 53 million mobile phones in the second quarter, and 47 million mobile phones in the third quarter. However, Samsung's actual production in the second quarter of this year was only 48 million units, and it will lower its output in the third quarter to 46 million units.

At present, Samsung has not yet confirmed the fourth quarter production. But sources said Samsung plans to produce 34 million phones in the two months of October and November. This figure is down from 40 million in 2020 and 37 million in 2021. In December, Samsung will put into production the new flagship Galaxy S23 series.

Therefore, Samsung is expected to produce 190 million mobile phones in the first 11 months of this year. Combined with the production in December, Samsung is expected to produce more than 200 million units of its own this year. For reference, Samsung will produce 210 million units in 2020 and 238.88 million in 2021.

Combined with the inventory Samsung made last year and the phones Samsung made with Chinese companies, Samsung is expected to ship 260 million units this year. Among them, shipments in the first quarter were 69 million to 71 million units, and shipments in the second quarter were 62 million units.

In contrast, Apple's iPhone shipments and market share have increased year-on-year, and it is predicted that Apple's iPhone 14 series production will increase compared to the original plan.

Samsung released two folding screen phones, the Galaxy Z Flip4 and the Galaxy Z Fold 4, on August 10. According to market research agency Omdia, the global shipment of folding screen mobile phones this year will be 11 million units.

In addition, Apple plans to produce 90 million iPhone 14 series phones by the end of this year.

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