Samsung toilet: Bill Gates and Lee Jae-yong meet in South Korea

The "Toilet Project" jointly launched by Samsung and Gates held a completion ceremony at the Samsung Technical Institute in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do. It is understood that the Gates Foundation plans to provide mass-produced Samsung toilets to underdeveloped countries with severe water shortages and fecal pollution , and Samsung will allow these countries to use related technologies for free in the commercial process.

It is understood that Lee Jae-yong met with Bill Gates who visited South Korea on the 16th. The two sides shared the results of the project and exchanged views on global social giving back activities.

It is understood that Bill Gates went to South Korea this time to strengthen anti-epidemic cooperation with South Korea.

Earlier, Gates said in a statement: "The toilet is extremely important to public health, it is even about human dignity."

According to the Gates Foundation, in less developed countries lacking water resources and sewage treatment facilities, about 900 million people go to the toilet in the open air, and the resulting water pollution causes more than 360,000 children under the age of 5 to die of dysentery every year. infectious disease.

It is reported that after three years of research and development, Samsung has successfully mastered the efficient use of driving energy, drainage and purification capabilities, and meets the technical standards set by the foundation such as greenhouse gas emission reduction, durability improvement, and toilet miniaturization. Samsung applied heat treatment technology and biotechnology to achieve 100% recycled water , and on this basis, developed innovative household toilets for 10 people and 5 people, and recently completed the use test .

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