Samsung's new Neo QLED 8K TV will officially announce on August 26

Samsung announced that the Neo QLED 8K TV National Bank will be released on August 26. The relevant pages of the National Bank of Neo QLED 8K TV have been launched on Samsung China's official website, including the 75-inch and 85-inch QN900C series and the 55/65/75-inch QN800C series . The price has not been announced yet.

In April this year, Samsung launched the QN700B series of Neo QLED 8K light quality quantum dot TVs in China , 55-inch 15,999 yuan, 65-inch 22,999 yuan, and 75-inch 34,999 yuan. From the model point of view, the new QN900C and QN800C are positioned higher.

The quantum dot matrix technology adopted by the N700B adds adaptive light path control on the basis of the original, which can adapt and adjust the backlight according to different picture characteristics to better present the picture. The AI ​​deep learning algorithm integrated in the Neo quantum dot 8K processor can analyze and sculpt the picture to form a high-quality image enhancement effect. In terms of sound effects, Samsung Neo QLED 8K series products are equipped with Dolby Atmos, audio and video tracking technology, and "Q Symphony" technology that is compatible with Samsung sound bar equipment.

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