SenseTime releases AI chess-playing robot

Shang Tang's first home consumer-grade artificial intelligence product - the "Yuanrui SenseRobot" AI chess robot was officially released, priced at 1999 yuan. According to reports, the "Yuanrui SenseRobot" AI chess-playing robot integrates traditional chess culture and artificial intelligence technology. It can not only accompany children to learn and play chess, but also exercise their thinking, protect their eyesight, and conduct industry chess technical level evaluation.

This AI chess-playing robot is authorized by the China Xiang Association, has built-in professional chess courses, supports three-in-one interactive teaching of voice, screen display, and robotic arms, and can obtain a chess player level certificate recognized by the Chinese Xiang Association at home.

In terms of design, the official said that this AI chess-playing robot supports grasping chess pieces through electromagnetic contacts, is equipped with an industrial-grade robotic arm, accurately moves pieces, and supports face-swiping login.

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