Skyworth launches new 29X1 monitor

Skyworth launched a new 29X1 display, 29 inches with fish screen, 2560x1080@75Hz, the first launch is 899 yuan. The Skyworth 29X1 display is equipped with a 29-inch ADS-IPS screen with a 21:9 ratio, 2560x1080 resolution, 75Hz refresh rate and 90% DCI-P3 color gamut display. 

In terms of functions, the Skyworth 29X1 monitor also supports multi-mode one-key switching, and supports the free switching of different scene modes such as text, MAC, standard, web page, game, and video. The SKYWORTH 29X1 display adopts low blue light and no flickering technology, which can achieve intelligent protection and reduce the burden on users' eyes. Turning on the e-book mode can remove the stimulation caused by color and strong light, relieve eye discomfort when reading, and allow users to be more engaged when browsing the web and reading novels.

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