SKYWORTH PANCAKE 1C VR all-in-one machine will be on sale soon

In July this year, Skyworth VR released a new brand PANCAKEXR and a new PANCAKE 1 series, priced from 2999 yuan. According to the latest news from Skyworth, the PANCAKE 1C is about to start pre-sale. It adopts the mainstream configuration of 6DOF+ XR2.

The PANCAKE 1C adopts Pancake short-focus folding optics, the main unit weighs 189g, the volume of the whole machine is reduced to 1/4 of the traditional Fresnel mirror optics, and the body thickness is 32mm; 1058PPI, supports 90Hz high refresh rate , 0- 500-degree myopia diopter adjustment, 59mm-68mm infinite interpupillary distance adjustment, using 6G+128G memory configuration. 

In terms of movie viewing, PANCAKE 1C adds a multi-person theater, 3000-inch giant screen movie viewing, supports online friends to connect to the microphone, and voice interaction. The viewing content includes 3000+ film and television resources of Skyworth's Coocaa platform, and more than 200 panoramic videos of national 5A-level scenic spots.

In terms of games, the PC wireless streaming Steam, which players have been shouting about for a long time, has been opened. When it goes on sale, there will be 40+ games in the Skyworth VR application store, and 1-2 games will be updated every week. The game types cover FPS, sports, audio games, etc. 

Officials said that at 00:00 on August 26, Skyworth PANCAKE 1C opened new product pre-sale at Skyworth VR JD's self-operated flagship store.

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