Sony: PS VR2 virtual reality device will be available in early 2023

According to reports, Japan's Sony Corporation announced on multiple social media a few days ago that the virtual reality headset "PlayStation VR2" will be released early next year.

At the beginning of this year, Sony officially released the detailed design information of this virtual reality device, but has not yet announced the sales price. It is said that the PS VR2 will be equipped with a high-definition display with 4K resolution, support a refresh rate of 90 Hz or 120 Hz, and have a 110-degree viewing angle. The device supports "foveated rendering" technology, which means that some areas of the picture are sharper than others, reducing the burden on the gaming device (VR2 will use Sony's PS5 game console as a computing device). Sony also introduced that only a USB-C cable is required to connect this virtual reality device to the game console.

Sony has previously announced that when VR2 officially launches, the company will have more than 20 large-scale virtual reality games ready, including virtual reality versions of two popular games "No Man's Sky" and "Resident Evil 8: Village", And a newly developed virtual reality game .

The first-generation virtual reality device Sony sold in the past, the "PS VR," relied on a camera attached to a game console to recognize the user's movements and movements. It is reported that VR2 will not adopt this mode, it adopts a mode similar to the Quest 2 device, using the headset's own camera to track the movement. This means that while the user is moving around while wearing the headset, VR2 also allows the player to view their surroundings.

Sony also announced that players can stream through the PS5 console while enjoying virtual reality games, but users must install a PS HD high-definition camera.

Sony also showed off a controller developed for the VR2, with a trigger mechanism and vibration feedback, similar to the DualSense controller Sony used for the PS5 console. The controller is also able to recognize finger touches, which means that players no longer have to press hard, and the controller can also recognize the position of the thumb, middle finger, and index finger.

On computing devices, VR2 will only work with Sony's own PS5 console in the future. Sony has released the PS5 game console before, but many fans have not bought it yet. It is obviously not good news that VR2 can only cooperate with PS5.

However, the PS5 sales problem seems to be showing signs of being resolved, and Sony has adopted a queue order model, and the game console will not be sold out immediately as soon as it comes out.

But the most important thing for gamers at the time of the official release of the VR2 headset is to make sure they have the PS5 console in their hands.

At present, there is also the possibility that after the official release of VR2, the equipment is sold out, and Sony has to prepare the stock. And for players who want to enjoy virtual reality games, they will face the question of the availability of two popular Sony products, namely the PS5 and VR2.

At launch, VR2 will face a slew of competitors in virtual reality gaming. Later this year, Facebook parent company Meta will release a high-end Cambria headset. Like the VR2, though, Meta has yet to announce a price for the device. It's worth mentioning that Meta recently announced a price hike on its Quest 2 headset, which has been on the market for two and a half years, which doesn't bode well for Cambria pricing.

Apple is also developing augmented or mixed reality devices, and the entire tech industry is watching when Apple releases it. The device is said to be priced at several thousand dollars. Ming-Chi Kuo, an authoritative analyst who has been following Apple for a long time, predicts that Apple's headset may be released in January next year.

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