Sony Xperia PRO-I pushes 61.1.F.5.228 system update

According to Sony official news, Xperia PRO-I mobile phone push 61.1.F.5.228 system update. Update points:

  • External display, adding live streaming, waveform graph, and false color monitoring functions based on the original functions.
  • Localized app upgrade.
  • Added a pre-installed gallery application, which provides intelligent picture classification, puzzle, and editing functions.
  • Added a negative one-screen Aicy overview, which provides a quick and convenient entry to facilitate access to various information, such as health code, courier tracking, to-do items, etc.
  • The new information function application replaces the old information function application. The new messaging application provides an automatic classification of notification information and personal information; automatic extraction of SMS verification codes.
  • Improved notification and UI display experience.
  • Update Google security patches to improve system security.

Last year, Sony launched the Xperia PRO-I micro-single mobile phone, equipped with a 1-inch image sensor, and the initial price was 10,999 yuan.

The Xperia PRO-I uses the same imaging technology as Sony's Alpha mirrorless series cameras. Its 1-inch image sensor is based on the image sensor of Sony's black card digital camera RX100 VII and is optimized for Xperia smartphones. Phase detection AF ( Autofocus) function, the unit pixel pitch is 2.4┬Ám. Xperia PRO-I also has RAW 12-bit shooting, which provides good low-light performance and dynamic range, and dual aperture (F2.0 / F4.0) hy can switch the depth of field according to needs. The Xperia PRO-I also features a mobile version of the BIONZ X image processor and front-end LSI.

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