TCL CSOT introduces its AMOLED transparent display technology

TCL Huaxing issued a document to introduce its AMOLED transparent display technology, saying that AMOLED transparent display technology not only creates a unique immersive display experience for users, but also brings more possibilities to smart terminals . At present, TCL CSOT has produced two very new forms of display screens, rigid and flexible.

Officials said that TCL CSOT has innovated and upgraded AMOLED transparent display technology. Through the combination of transparent area windowing + cathode patterning technology, TCL CSOT AMOLED transparent display technology has achieved a high transmittance of more than 55% , and with the subsequent technology development, this high transmittance will be further improved.

Officials said that compared with LCD transparent display, TCL Huaxing transparent display screen has higher PPI and has a stronger competitive advantage in transparent display. At the same time, TCL CSOT's transparent display technology also adopts its own patented technology, which will have extensive promotion value in the fields of vehicle, smart car window, commercial display and other fields in the future.

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