The industry said that the reduction in TV panel production is not enough

Many TV brand factories around the world will reduce the number of panel purchases, and the overall downward revision rate is estimated to be about 15%. Recently, the industry expects that if the panel factories do not continue to expand the production reduction rate, the market situation is likely to reach 2023. The first half couldn't get better.

According to a report by Digitimes on August 4, sources said that TV brand suppliers have lowered their panel procurement plans amid weak demand in the end market. Market data shows that according to Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, TCL, Hisense, Sony and Skyworth Waiting for TV brands' revised panel purchase plans, panel purchases from all TV suppliers in 2022 may be about 15% lower than the previous year.

Recently, industry manufacturers pointed out that taking Samsung Electronics as an example, it is estimated that the inventory of the overall consumer electronics industry chain exceeds the normal level, which may be difficult to return to the normal level by the end of 2022. It is superimposed that Q1 in 2023 is a traditional off-season, and brand terminals will be more rigorous in controlling inventory in the future after this inventory adjustment. Therefore, some panel manufacturers believe that this panel production reduction may continue at least until Q1 in 2023.

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