The US chip bill will promote the development of the Mexican semiconductor industry

Monica Duhem Delgado, head of the Global Economic Intelligence Department of Mexico's Economic Secretariat, recently said that after the introduction of the chip bill in the United States, Mexico will benefit from related incentives, and the country will provide Intel and other companies. Mexico is expected to play a greater role in the low-cost production base in North America, especially in the back-end link of chip manufacturing - packaging and testing.

Duhem said that the cost of production in the United States is significantly higher than that of Mexico. The Economic Secretariat is working with the country's Finance Secretariat to designate incentives for the semiconductor industry to attract related projects. The specific measures may include tax relief. Duhem revealed the official target. It is to launch its semiconductor industry package support plan next year.

At present, chip companies including Intel, Texas Instruments, and Skyworks have business layouts in Mexico. Duhem also revealed that Texas Instruments and Intel have expressed their intention to increase investment.

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