Tongxin intelligent terminal operating system V20 completes the adaptation of Feiteng CPU and Tenglong E2000

According to the release of Tongxin software, recently, Tongxin intelligent terminal operating system V20 has recently completed the adaptation of Feiteng embedded CPU Tenglong E2000, and Tongxin intelligent terminal operating system V20 has been on the E2000 development board. It runs successfully, and the development board is equipped with Tenglong E2000Q CPU (quad-core).

The V20 version of the Tongxin intelligent terminal operating system is developed based on the Linux kernel, supports AMD64, ARM64 and other CPU architectures, supports Feiteng, Zhaoxin, Rockchip and other domestic platforms, and the graphics system supports wayland, x11 Protocols, window tubes and graphics systems that provide gtk / qt applications , tailor-made for equipment, and meet the customized needs of various industries for operating systems.

The official description product highlights are as follows

  • Flexible customization: Provide flexible customization capabilities in terms of system component tailoring, boot application startup, automated installation, system UI, and system management strategies to meet the needs of actual business scenarios.
  • Easy to maintain: Support automatic installation and remote maintenance management, integrate graphical management and maintenance tools, including system monitor, device manager, etc., support the expansion of maintenance screen functions, and make system maintenance more convenient.
  • Multiple security: Focusing on identity authentication, access control, data protection, vulnerability monitoring, etc., it strengthens defenses in all aspects such as trusted computing, data confidentiality, secure startup, and application signatures to ensure user application and data security.
  • Stable and reliable: Based on the stable kernel version, optimize the kernel parameters and system components, optimize the performance of system startup, memory usage and other aspects, support functions such as component redundant configuration, and comprehensively ensure the stability and reliability of the system.

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