TrendForce: Global DRAM revenue in Q2 was US$25.59 billion

According to the latest survey released by TrendForce, a research institute, today (15th), the revenue of the DRAM industry in the second quarter of 2022 reached US$25.59 billion, a quarterly increase of 6.5%. TrendForce pointed out that the growth momentum of revenue in the second quarter came from the increase in shipments of some DRAM suppliers. Although the demand for PC and mobile DRAM began to decrease due to the impact of inflation, the momentum of server DRAM remained strong in the first half of the year, driving the three major factors. The quarterly growth of factory shipments reached 5-10%.

In terms of revenue, the three original manufacturers of Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron have all experienced revenue growth. The two Korean manufacturers, Samsung and SK, have a combined market share of 70.9%; Micron has benefited from the demand for servers and vehicles, and its revenue in the second quarter It reached US$6.27 billion, a quarterly increase of 9.7%, the highest increase among the three major factories. Driven by revenue growth, the profitability of the three manufacturers increased slightly, with Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron reaching 50%, 43% and 41.5% respectively.

Looking forward to the third quarter, TrendForce believes that due to the further increase in the pressure on the original factory inventory, the price drop has significantly expanded, and the shipment side will be difficult to grow due to the impact of customer inventory adjustment, and the revenue of the three manufacturers may decline.

In terms of production capacity planning, Nanya Technology focuses on the consumer DRAM field. Due to the impact of the lockdown policy on the demand in mainland China, the shipment volume has decreased significantly, and the overall revenue has decreased by 14.0% quarter-on-quarter. It is expected that the output will only increase slightly in the third quarter.

Power Semiconductor's revenue mainly comes from DRAM products, excluding the DRAM foundry business. Affected by the company's capacity allocation, DRAM revenue increased by about 21.8%, and revenue in the third quarter is expected to decrease by 1.0%.

Winbond's revenue decreased slightly by 3.3%, mainly due to the reduction of shipments due to the adjustment of inventory by Netcom customers and the suspension of supply of TV manufacturers. At present, Winbond's Kaohsiung plant in Taiwan, China, will fully put into production 25Snm, and the next-generation 20nm process is expected to be mass-produced in mid-2023, which is expected to effectively drive its revenue growth.

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