UNISOC T820 will be upgraded to Android 13 simultaneously for the first time

UNISOC announced that 5G and 4G platforms T820 , T770, T760, T616, T612 and T606 have completed the simultaneous upgrade with Android 13. This is the first time that UNISOC has achieved multi-process and multi-platform. The product is simultaneously upgraded to the new generation system.

Among them, Ziguang Zhanrui T820 is a processor that has not yet been released. From the point of view of naming, it is a product with stronger performance. We can look forward to it.

In addition, the platform machine of UNISOC SC9863A has become one of the benchmark reference machines for Android 13 (Go version). UNISOC cooperated with Google to conduct software performance tuning and compatibility testing for the reference machine of Android 13 (Go version).

Wu Shengwu, chairman of Ziguang Zhanrui , previously revealed at the 2022 World 5G Conference that in the field of consumer electronics, in June this year, Ziguang Zhanrui's second-generation 5G chip-T760 / T770 terminal products were mass-produced and listed, and it is expected that there will be more than 10 models in 2022. The above 5G mobile phones equipped with Ziguang Zhanrui 5G second-generation chips are listed.

The T760/T770 is a 5G SoC chip platform independently developed by UNISOC. It adopts a 6nm EUV process technology, and its performance is more than 100% higher than that of the first-generation chip products.

Android 13 was officially open sourced on August 16, and the source code of the new Android 13 system has been uploaded to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Ziguang Zhanrui said that the company provides pre-tested, pre-certified and fully compatible Android 13 one-stop solutions for OEMs and ODMs , and provides security patch support during the Android life cycle.

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