Valve releases Steam Deck manual

V agency said that in the process of preparing for Steam Deck to land in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, a manual was produced for Steam Deck. This manual is free and has about 50 pages and are available in Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and English.

The booklet includes the background of Valve and the company's philosophy of building products and hardware to delight customers; an overview of Steam, where it has come from and where it is now; the story of the Steam Deck, how Valve designed it, and why it did so; Collaborate to launch information about Steam Deck in these new regions; lots of beautiful images of Steam Deck, prototypes, games and more.

In the manual, Valve confirmed that Steam Deck and SteamOS will be "multi-generational product lines" and that there will be more Steam Deck and SteamOS in the future, "Valve will continue to support the development of Steam Deck and SteamOS for the foreseeable future. The Steam community will It will let us know new uses for our hardware that we haven't even thought about, so we'll create a new version that's more open and efficient than the original Steam Deck."

Valve also shared some interesting numbers about Steam, such as over 130 million monthly active players on Steam and over 30,000 games on the platform. As of this book's publication, Valve claims that more than 4,500 games are "verified" or "playable" on Steam Deck, which means that about 15% of games on Steam are already considered at least "playable".

The writing, design and translation of the manual are all done within the company. Valve will distribute a special physical manual in the hands-on experience area of ​​the Steam Deck booth at the Tokyo Game Show in Japan.

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