Visionox: Launched the industry's first flexible AMOLED pocket curl projection screen

Visionox launched the industry's first "flexible AMOLED pocket curl projection screen", equipped with a 12.3-inch flexible AMOLED display, the official introduction, the expansion can be used as a Peripheral display, and the curling radius of the whole module is only R10 (including CPI+HC protective layer + support protective layer), and the storage state is only 25mm × 160.5mm. It is light and compact like a highlighter and can be carried in a pocket.

Visionox said that the flexible AMOLED pocket curly projection screen breaks the long-standing inherent form of "display", shows the design boundary of the future mobile terminal form, and may also lead to the unbounded integration of terminals, combining mobile phones, external monitors, tablet computers, notebooks The integration and innovation of products such as computers have achieved a new experience of the large display, multi-function, and seamless switching of multiple scenes in the form of products that are lightweight, small in size, and low in power consumption.

Visionox has previously launched flexible AMOLED terminals in the form of folding, sliding, curling, wrapping, and wrapping inward folding. Including the "soft screen and soft" wrist phone Nubia α, the surround screen mobile phone Xiaomi MIX Alpha with a screen ratio of up to 180.6%, the mass production of transparent A-pillar car Hezhong Nezha U, etc.

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