Will Meta smart glasses secretly film?

In an interview with "The Joe Rogan Experience", Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg was asked if Meta's smart glasses could pose potential privacy issues, defending the company's products At the same time, he admitted that the glasses could be used for secret filming.

Created by Facebook and Ray-Ban, the smart glasses will launch in September 2021, starting at $299. The frames are equipped with a small voice-activated camera and microphone on either side, allowing users to take pictures or video.

During the exchange, the host questioned Zuckerberg, asking whether such a "miniature camera" would bring privacy issues, "What if people could just start shooting?" Zuckerberg countered that the product was equipped with a flash on one side , flashes when recording a video or photo, and emphasizes "this is a very important part".

However, the host continued to ask, "What if you put tape on the flash?" Zuckerberg acknowledged the possibility, "I think, in theory."

While the flash will flicker while filming, Zuckerberg also said the tape could indeed interfere with the cameras on the glasses. He also stressed that the company is "continuing to develop new versions" of the glasses .

Meta could not immediately be reached for comment on the exchange.

Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, is no stranger to privacy concerns. Recently, the company was boycotted by American netizens for handing over private Facebook information to police investigating suspected illegal abortions.

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