World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2022 announced to be held in Shanghai from September 1-3

According to Shanghai, the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Center from September 1 to 3, with branch venues in Zhangjiang, Pudong and Xuhui West Bank, and in North America, Europe, Singapore , South Korea and Hong Kong, China have set up 5 domestic and overseas branch venues to achieve multi-regional linkage.

The theme of this year's World Artificial Intelligence Conference is "Intelligent Connected World Metaverse Unbounded", which aims to fully grasp the development trend of artificial intelligence and metaverse integration and mutual promotion, connect and gather the latest views and achievements of artificial intelligence in the world, and convey the innovative concept of boundless symbiosis. Show the beautiful picture of Shanghai's intelligent era.

The overall design of this conference is based on the five major sections of "meeting, exhibition, competition, application, and talent", fully demonstrating the "hard core new technology, new industry track, new future scenarios, and new issues of governance" in the field of artificial intelligence + metaverse . Create a conference with stronger innovation sourcing capability, better intelligent experience, and higher resource linkage. At present, the preparatory work for the conference has entered the sprint stage.

The overall structure of the conference activities can be summarized as "1+1+2+10+N", that is, 1 opening ceremony, 1 closing ceremony, 2 plenary sessions on technological innovation and industrial development, 10 theme forums, and N ecological forum.

The theme of the forum shows the latest trends in the industry. Nearly 100 forums cover more than 30 professional directions in four fields, including technological innovation, industrial application, rule of law and ethics, and ecological construction, including AI + Metaverse, Generative AI, Trusted AI, Brain-Computer Interface, etc. The current hottest field of artificial intelligence. It also planned for the first time an AI technology night talk, focusing on cutting-edge topics such as AI For Science, multimodality and computer vision, in the form of a "metaverse venue" to create an immersive scientific feast.

The guest lineup has confirmed that there are more than 500 domestic and foreign leading scholars, well-known entrepreneurs, representatives of international organizations and other heavyweight guests; including 4 Turing Award winners, 1 Nobel Prize winner, and 1 Fields Medal winner ; More than 80 academicians at home and abroad, more than 20 principals of top universities at home and abroad, and more than 400 representatives of domestic and foreign industry organizations and entrepreneurs attended the meeting.

This year's exhibition area covers an area of ​​15,000 square meters, with more than 200 exhibitors, more than 30% of which are first-time exhibitors, and over 40% of companies outside Shanghai and foreign countries.

The main venue of the World Expo Center presents the Metaverse Core Exhibition, which presents the entire industrial ecological chain of AI + Metaverse from the perspectives of virtual experience and reality display, including the underlying computing power chip, immersive holographic imaging technology, brain-computer interface, and a new generation of Digital tools, intelligent interactive terminals, etc.; industry-leading AI large models, intelligent surgical robots, intelligent driving commercial vehicles and other blockbuster products will also be unveiled. Model, Baidu Wenxin large model, Ant Technology's lingo trusted privacy computing technology stack, Tianshuzhixin 7nm high-performance artificial intelligence general-purpose GPU inference chip, Biren BR100 series GPGPU chip, Minimally invasive medical Toumai abdominal endoscopic surgery System, Qualcomm's first 5G slice-based end-to-edge collaborative XR separation rendering technology, Unity HMI solution) is waiting for you to explore; in addition, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, we specially planned to launch the AI ​​fifth anniversary map, which will provide a panoramic view. Showcasing the development of artificial intelligence technology, previous WAIC conferences and the achievements of the fifth anniversary of Shanghai's artificial intelligence industry development.

The east and west sub-venues complemented each other. The Pudong sub-venue opened the Zhangjiang Science Hall for the first time to showcase the world's first Metaverse 3D printer, urban digital twin, hyper-realistic digital human and other cutting-edge new products and new applications; Launched the Metaverse application scene boutique exhibition and cloud game exhibition competition.

The SAIL Award has attracted more than 800 projects from global leading companies, internationally renowned universities, and scientific research institutions to participate in the TOP30 competition and assembled in popular tracks; more than 150 high-quality papers at home and abroad were selected for the Youth Science and Technology Paper Award, of which the overseas participation rate exceeded 15% . The SAIL Awards will be announced at the opening ceremony of the conference.

The four major brand competitions, BPAA Algorithm Practice Model Competition, Hackathon, AIWIN Competition and Youth Innovation Competition, respectively focus on four directions: popular software algorithms, open source ecology, industry applications and social science popularization, with a total of over 3,000 participating teams; industry entities organize a group of high-quality Ecological events, such as the Baidu Flying Paddle "Thesis Reproduction Competition", encourage contestants to reproduce top conference papers using domestic frameworks to speed up the transformation of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements.

This year's conference strives to create a super application scenario that integrates virtual and real to provide audiences with a more futuristic participation experience.

The online "Metaverse" has made a new appearance. The three clouds of "cloud venue, cloud exhibition and cloud platform" in previous years have been superimposed and upgraded to an immersive metaverse "WAIC Yuanjing Planet", which is linked with "meta venue, meta exhibition, meta application, Yuan Collection, Yuan Life” five scenarios; in Yuan Universe Cloud Venue and Yuanjing Town, audiences can experience Yuanjing punch card, virtual cloud venue, live broadcast square, highlight products, 5th anniversary map, carbon neutrality plan, etc. Form interaction; you can also collect two digital collections officially released by the conference, namely the WAIC 5th Anniversary Review Map (Zhihui Shitu) and Witkey Brothers IP (Metaverse Edition). Multi-point linkage of offline check-in places, there are Metaverse check-in points in the World Expo Center, Xuhui West Bank, Zhangjiang Branch, Oriental Pearl Tower and Wukang Building. In addition, at the opening ceremony of the conference, a batch of major application scenarios of AI + Metaverse will be released.

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