XGIMI launched the CCB projector brightness standard

According to the official news of XGIMI, XGIMI officially launched the film color brightness standard (Cinema Color Brightness, quantified unit CCB lumens).

Next, XGIMI's entire line of products will be switched to the CCB marking method, and XGIMI H5 will be the first model to adopt XGIMI's new brightness standard.

XGIMI said that the ANSI brightness standard that has been used since the industrial era has also lost its original value. It was originally an important basis for helping consumers choose products. However, due to the lack of qualifications in home scenarios, some manufacturers have exploited loopholes and reduced them to gain. The tool trusted by users, the numerical involution of "only brightness theory" has caused a huge gap between the nominal and the actual, and has gradually deviated from the direction of creating value for users.

XGIMI said that all friends are welcome to adopt stricter film color brightness and work together to promote the healthy and stable development of the home projection industry.

The current projectors on the market basically adopt the ANSI brightness standard. It is not known whether XGIMI's launch of Cinematic Color Brightness (CCB) will be adopted by the industry.

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