Xiaomi 12S Ultra mobile phone DXOMARK image test results are officially released

DXOMARK announced today that the Xiaomi 12S Ultra image test results were officially released. Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra achieved a total score of 138 points in the DXOMARK video test, ranking among the top five in the DXOMARK global video rankings. In the sub-item, the photo is 144 points, the zoom is 96 points, and the video is 113 points.

DXOMARK said that the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra provides two color rendering modes, Leica Classic and Leica Vivid, and in the test, it was found that the image quality in the two modes is very similar. The choice of mode is purely personal preference, so the two imaging styles do not affect the final DXOMARK score.

Advantages listed by DXOMARK

  • Good exposure for landscapes, cityscapes, and portraits in all conditions from bright to very low light
  • Both photos and videos have a fairly wide dynamic range
  • Photo autofocus is accurate in all lighting conditions
  • Excellent balance between texture preservation and image noise
  • Image color rendering is interesting, the two Leica modes offer different color rendering but similar image quality
  • Image quality at long-range zoom is good

Inadequacies listed by DXOMARK

  • Some exposure and HDR rendering instability occurs in different scenes
  • No zero shutter lag in all HDR conditions and low light, measured lag longer than 0.3 seconds
  • Focus and exposure instability when using the telephoto camera
  • Noise in HDR scenes, even in good lighting conditions
  • Occasional low contrast and halos in backlit scenes, especially with dark-toned or sepia skin
  • No HDR in preview mode, what you see is not what you get

Here is the DXOMARK smartphone camera ranking: Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra phone ranks 5th. In front are the Honor Magic4 Premium Edition, Huawei P50 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, and Huawei Mate 40 Pro+.

On August 8 this year, DXOMARK's official Weibo said, "The Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra, which has arrived in France from China, is being tested! How will this new imaging flagship machine perform in the DXOMARK imaging test? Stay tuned!" Lei Jun said that Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra will not be sent for testing DXOMARK, and it will only be sold in China. Therefore, this time it is likely that DXOMARK purchased the mobile phone for testing.

Before the Xiaomi Mi 12S conference, Xiaomi Lei Jun stated that the Xiaomi Mi 12S series will not be sent to DXOMARK for testing, and DXOMARK later stated that it provides a variety of evaluation forms, not only for the prototypes sent by manufacturers to provide product evaluation reports, and will also conduct active quality evaluations for a variety of models released on the market. DXOMARK said that for the evaluation results of the test prototype, it will also retest the commercial machine after the market for calibration. Whether it is a test sent by a manufacturer or an active evaluation, DXOMARK always adheres to professional and objective standards and serves consumers while promoting technological excellence.

DXOMARK has recently reiterated that "we do not sell points nor lists". The business model is to sell laboratory and technical reports. The published scores only depend on the quality of the product itself and are not affected by whether the manufacturer chooses the evaluation service. With over 100 engineers, DXOMARK repeatedly tests smartphone cameras, audio, screens, and batteries in 16 labs against 5 scientific test benchmarks, each combining objective and perceptual test analysis.

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