Xiaomi Mi Miaoxiang PC version replaces the "MIUI+" cross-screen collaboration function

Xiaomi officially launched the Mi Pad 5 Pro 12.4 series of tablets last night, running the MIUI Pad 13 system and supporting PC collaboration as a secondary screen (need to cooperate with the Xiaomi Mi Miaoxiang Center).

Today, the MIUI 13 for the Pad / Fold page is updated.

Xiaomi revealed that the first batch of tablet models supported by the cross-screen collaboration function between tablets and computers are Xiaomi Tablet 5 Pro 12.4, and the computer models are Xiaomi Book Pro 14 OLED 2022, Xiaomi Book Pro 16 OLED 2022, and users also need to connect the computer The "MIUI+" application can only be used after it has been upgraded to "Xiaomi Wondershare PC Edition".

In addition, Xiaomi MIUI+ has changed its name to Device Interconnection, and the official website no longer provides download links. At the same time, MIUI+ Beta will also stop maintenance in the future and will be replaced by the Xiaomi Mi Miaoxiang PC version, but in order to ensure the actual experience, the Xiaomi Mi Miaoxiang PC version only supports Xiaomi / Redmi notebooks

The PC version of Xiaomi Mi Mixiang has also been pushed in grayscale today, and some users have received the update. After verification, the new version "Xiaomi MagicShare PC Edition" includes model verification, and it cannot be installed on non-Xiaomi/Redmi laptops.

According to reports, Xiaomi Miaoxiang Center is a new function launched by MIUI 13, which can realize global device interconnection, support audio, and video relay, application flow, and global broadcast control.

In order to use the function of the Xiaomi Mixiang Center, the mobile phone needs to install the MIUI 13 system, support the Mi Tablet 5, as well as a variety of Xiaomi computers, Xiaomi TVs and other products. For specific functions and supported models, see previous reports.

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