Xiaomi mobile phone 1 re-engraved card needle pendant was fired to 299 yuan

 Recently, a peripheral product of Xiaomi has been "popular" by netizens. It is reported that Xiaomi has launched a peripheral accessory product with collectible value on the official mall, the Mi Phone 1 Re-engraved Card Pin Pendant, and the price is only 1 yuan. The Xiaomi Mi Phone 1 Re-engraved Card Pin Pendant is limited to 10,000 sets in the world. The price is only 1 yuan and free shipping, so it is also madly robbed by the majority of netizens.

It is understood that the Mi Phone 1 re-engraved card pin pendant is a tribute to Xiaomi's first product, and it becomes a necklace pendant according to the classic appearance of Mi Phone 1. It represents the indomitable belief at the time of departure, carries the infinite longing for the future, and becomes the classic of the brand. Mi Mobile 1 is the beginning of the brand's original intention and continuous exploration.

The card pin also has a unique number. It is integrally formed with stainless steel, and the patterns of laser keys and other components are proportional to restoring the appearance of the Xiaomi mobile phone 1. Combined with the mirror polishing process, it is more high-quality. In addition, the hidden card pin is practical and interesting, and the pendant ring connection adopts an offset design to restore the effect of the mobile phone dust plug. The connection position is also designed with a hidden card pin, which is not only a fun little idea but also can be used as a card pin. Even the packaging is to restore the original millet kraft paper packaging and at the same time add some design elements of mobile phone packaging to replicate the somatosensory feeling of mobile phone unboxing.

The card needle is limited to 10,000 sets. At this time, you need to fight for hand speed and network speed. But it is worth noting that at present, the pendant appears on the second-hand platform, and the highest price is as high as 299 yuan, and most sellers list the price at around 80 yuan to 100 yuan. A seller with a price tag of 299 yuan stated: "Sentimental price, no bargaining, and no-nonsense " What's more exaggerated is that there are also services such as proxy auctions and panic buying strategies. To 5 yuan a piece.

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