Xiaomi Smart Multi-Mode Gateway 2 opens crowdfunding appointment

Xiaomi Smart Multi-Mode Gateway 2 opened a crowdfunding online appointment, and crowdfunding will start at 10 am tomorrow, with a crowdfunding price of 189 yuan. Xiaomi Smart Multimode Gateway 2 supports three mainstream protocols (Bluetooth, Bluetooth Mesh, Zigbee), allowing smart devices with different protocols to interconnect. Xiaomi Smart Multi-Mode Gateway 2 also supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi, supporting more device connections.

Xiaomi Smart Multimode Gateway 2 also adds an RJ45 network cable direct connection port (10/100Mbps Ethernet) and also upgrades a 1GHz dual-core processor and 128M large memory. Officially, the processing speed is 100% higher than the previous generation.

Xiaomi Smart Multi-Mode Gateway 2 can connect to more than 100 smart devices at the same time, and also supports local automation functions. Even if there is a network abnormality at home, Xiaomi Smart Multi-Mode Gateway 2 can also execute the previously preset automation scenarios, such as unlocking Xiaomi Mi Mi with the user’s fingerprint. When the smart door locks at home, the lights, air conditioners, curtains, etc. that have been set in advance are automatically turned on.

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