Yunjing released the third-generation sweeping and dragging robot "J3 Little Whale Spirit"

Yunjing launched the third-generation sweeping and dragging integrated robot "J3 Little Jingling", with a starting price of 4,699 yuan. It has been pre-sold simultaneously on Tmall,, Suning, Douyin, and other platforms.

According to reports, the biggest innovation of Yunjing's new product J3 Xiaojingling is the "DirtSense sewage identification system", which can identify the degree of dirtiness of the ground and mop, and implement the best cleaning strategy accordingly; Solve daily cleaning scene demands.

It is reported that with the "DirtSense Sewage Recognition System" developed by Yunjing, the robot can independently identify "how dirty the ground is" and judge "whether the mop is clean" during the mopping process, and intelligently adjust the time of mopping according to the current working environment. Immediately make a cleaning decision of "whether to mop again", and even intelligently adjust the most suitable mop pressure and humidity according to the different materials of the floor, further improving the cleaning effect and user experience.

At the same time, J3 Little Jingling is equipped with the exclusive "Jingling Hosting" function, which can efficiently solve daily ground cleaning with one click. In addition, J3 has added a "twisted buttocks" Yanbian cleaning function, which regularly "traps" the edge of the wall to solve the problem of dust accumulation and dirt accumulation in common blind spots such as corners and walls.

Yunjing J3 has been continuously upgraded in the dimension of automation, adding the function of "automatic switching of mopping mode", with four modes: single sweep, single drag, sweep and drag at the same time, first sweep and then drag, and the original "DirtFree cleaning system", which can realize the intelligent combination behavior of "middle roller brush lift" + "mopp lift" + "side brush position control" in different task scenarios, effectively preventing "dry and wet cross-contamination".

In order to further improve the intelligence and convenience of the product, the Yunjing J3 also adds a "carpet cleaning" mode, a "base station color screen touch" function, and the matching professional Yunjing service Narwal Care. In terms of human-computer interaction, J3 realizes a new interactive experience of base station touch screen + App. Young users can set a self-cleaning plan through the App and synchronize it to the base station, and the elderly at home can start cleaning tasks with one button on the base station.

It is worth mentioning that the new product J3 released this time also supports automatic water loading and unloading, and the cloud whale service Narwal Care provides professional door-to-door installation services, covering nearly 300 cities and regions across the country, and nearly 100,000 users have experienced it in their homes. this service.

J3 Xiaojingling adopts an all-round noise reduction and mute design, and achieves an industry-leading noise reduction level with a minimum of 39db through innovative designs at three levels: single component, structure, and complete machine.

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