Alibaba Group continue to invest in core technology to help the resilience

Zhang Yong, chairman, and CEO of Alibaba Group said that factors such as the intensification of international geopolitical conflicts and the emergence of anti-globalization ideology have posed major challenges to the global industrial chain and supply chain, and digitalization is confronting risks in the whole society. and play an important role in improving resilience. Looking into the future, Alibaba will strengthen cooperation with all parties, rely on digital technology as support, give full play to the advantages of open collaboration between platform companies and ecological partners, and contribute to the resilience and stability of the global industrial chain and supply chain.

Zhang Yong said in his speech that China, as the world's largest manufacturing country and the largest consumer market, has the most extensive and complete industrial chain and supply chain layout in the world, which is an important pivot for Alibaba to take root in China and go global. In the past two decades, with the opening and efforts of various countries, the globalization of supply chains has become a pattern, which has made significant contributions to improving global efficiency and promoting global economic development. Looking forward to the future, all parties should strengthen cooperation and make better use of global supply. chain advantage.

Zhang Yong said that since its establishment, Alibaba has been committed to promoting the in-depth integration of digital technology, industrial chain, and supply chain, and has deeply realized the important role that digitalization can play in fighting risks and improving the resilience of the whole society. By creating a new distribution platform, Alibaba supports China's manufacturing industry, especially the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to connect with domestic and international markets.

It is reported that the Electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP) initiated by Alibaba has now established e-Hubs in Belgium, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and other countries and regions, handling nearly 5 million packages every day. Through the organization and scheduling of the Cainiao intelligent logistics system, about 250 full-cargo aircraft shuttle between major ports in China and major overseas destinations every month.

During the epidemic, Cainiao joined hands with partners to transport more than 260 million pieces of medical supplies to more than 150 countries and regions, including vaccines that require extremely high transport conditions. Cainiao took only 19 hours to deliver the vaccines to Central American countries. salvador.

Zhang Yong said that with the digitization of all elements of the industrial chain and supply chain, more and more enterprises can gain insight into the market in a timely manner, respond quickly at the manufacturing end, build a more flexible, flexible and elastic supply chain, and realize the value chain End-to-end global optimization. Alibaba will continue to invest in core technologies to lay a solid technical foundation for building a digitally resilient society.

It is reported that in the fiscal year 2022, Alibaba's technology-related investment will exceed 120 billion yuan. Currently, Alibaba Cloud operates 85 availability zones in 28 regions around the world, serving 4 million enterprises worldwide.

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