Amazon's entry-level Kindle 2022 released

Amazon today announced a new model of the Kindle e-book reader, which brings some much-needed upgrades to the entry-level device. The new entry-level model for 2022 features a 6-inch 300ppi display, longer battery life, and most importantly, the device is upgraded to support USB-C charging. This means that many readers can finally throw away the last Micro USB cable. The new entry-level Kindle will be available on October 12 for $99.99 (about 691.93 yuan) (including ads) or $119.99 (about 830.33 yuan) (without ads).

Since the last update in 2019, the cheapest Kindle doesn't seem to be that much of a bargain anymore. It has the worst screen in the Kindle lineup, forces users to charge through old standards, and the design feels decidedly previous generation. The Kindle Paperwhite has long been the default best option: It has a better screen, a better reading light, and USB-C charging, and it costs $139, but it's also worth it compared to the entry-level Kindle. (There's also the Oasis, which costs more and has a better screen.) If you buy a new Kindle, you'll also get four months of Kindle Unlimited for free. For another $20, you can also get the Kindle Kids Edition, which comes with a special cover and a one-year subscription to Amazon's kid-friendly content.

The new 2022 Kindle is $10 more expensive than the last one and still doesn't have the beautiful reading lights of the Paperwhite. The new 2022 Kindles also come in new colors: black or a "denim" new pastel blue. The new Kindle will be available in black, rose, denim, and deep emerald.

In addition to charging and screen upgrades, the new Kindle has 16GB of storage. Amazon says the new devices will also last for up to six weeks, vaguely describing them as "the lightest and most compact Kindle models available. " According to its website, the new Kindle is lighter and smaller in every dimension than the previous model, but the screen size remains the same.

The all-new 2022 Kindle and Kindle Kids are designed with sustainability in mind, with a climate-friendly commitment to further reduce carbon emissions. Both devices are carefully sourced and made with 90% recycled magnesium. In addition, in line with the goal of making Amazon device packaging 100% recyclable by 2023, Kindle device packaging is 100% recyclable for the first time in the U.S. and is also made from 100% wood fiber-based materials from responsibly sourced managed forests or recycled. In addition, the Kindle accessory case is also packaged with 99% wood fiber material. Amazon continues to reduce its impact on the planet by reducing waste and offering more sustainable options.

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