AMD announces R9 PRO 5945 desktop processor

AMD's official website has now announced the parameters and specifications of the new R9 PRO 5945. This processor will be targeted at OEMs and is expected to be installed in high-end commercial desktops. The R9 PRO 5945 processor is based on Zen3 architecture, 7nm process, 12 cores and 24 threads specifications, main frequency 3.8GHz, acceleration frequency 4.7GHz, 64MB L3 cache, 65W TDP, no nuclear display, nor support Overclocked, but with support for AMD's "PRO" technology for more security and manageability.

For comparison, the retail R9 5900X has 12 cores and 24 threads, the main frequency is 3.7GHz, the acceleration frequency is 4.8GHz, and the TDP is 105W, which supports overclocking. At present, there is no commercial desktop equipped with R9 PRO 5945 on the market.

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