AMD RMP Overclocking Tool Update Brings RX 6800XT to RTX 3090Ti Levels

Due to so many options, most PC users may have a hard time finding the configuration that suits them in a large list of settings, and even experienced players and overclockers sometimes find it difficult to quickly adjust to the best configuration.

Of course, this requirement indirectly promotes the advancement of driver software. For example, NVIDIA GeForce Experience can help players set the appropriate configuration in the game, and the XMP configuration that comes with the memory can help you achieve default overclocking, and this is the professional performance profile. of use.

Now, a Ryzen CPU tuner developer says he's working on an update for the Radeon Monster Profile (RMP) tool. For the first time, the program will support optimizations for Radeon GPUs to work with AMD Adrenaline for optimal performance.

According to @Yuri Bubliy, this tool can help you adjust the voltage/frequency curve of Radeon 6000 series graphics cards. It is said that the maximum potential of the RDNA2 GPU can be unlocked by reducing the operating voltage by 6%.

In the Radeon RX 6800XT example given, he uses RMP to boost the card's frequency by 300 MHz. This makes the card outperform the RX 6900XT and RTX 3090 Ti in the 3DMark Time Spy test by up to 13%. Of course, this comes in exchange for a higher power.

As mentioned, these profiles are common to the RX 6000 series and may show different results for different GPUs. For RMP, you may need a better and more efficient cooling solution to get better results.

Allegedly, the new version of RMP should be released later this fall, and the Radeon Monster Profiles update for RDNA3 GPUs may be released at that time.

AMD Adrenaline driver comes with FidelityFX feature packs, such as FSR 2.0, etc., which also improves the performance of Radeon graphics cards to a certain extent.

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