AMD Su Zifeng is scheduled to give a speech at CES 2023 on January 5th

AMD's CES 2023 speech time has been set. AMD CEO Su Zifeng will deliver a live keynote speech on January 4, local time, and share AMD's vision. "Computing has become an essential and ubiquitous part of our daily lives over the past few years, helping each of us adapt to the way we work and learn remotely while keeping us connected and entertained. I am excited for the opportunity to deliver a keynote at CES 2023, highlighting the next generation of high-performance and adaptive computing innovations, as well as products that will push the boundaries of what's possible and play an important role in helping solve our most important challenges."

AMD Su Zifeng's keynote speech will be broadcast live on Wednesday, January 4, 2023, at 6:30 pm local time in Las Vegas, which is 9:30 am Beijing time on January 5, 2023, for domestic viewers. more friendly.

At present, neither AMD nor CTA has announced the specific content of the speech. We can look forward to the Ryzen 7000 series mobile version, FPGA, adaptive SoC, artificial intelligence engine, and so on.

AMD has announced the naming rules for the Ryzen 7000 mobile processors, and at the same time determined that this series of processors is divided into five series: HX / HS / U / C / e.

AMD's new generation of naming has determined the plan of the Ryzen 7000 processor, that is, next year's thin and light notebooks will use 15-28W U-series processors, Chromebooks will be equipped with C-series processors, and the ultra-thin ones may use 9W e-series. Performance notebooks or thin and light gaming notebooks will use 35W HS series processors, while gaming notebooks will be equipped with 55W+ HX series processors.

In addition, the 55W+ power consumption of the HX series processors means that this series of processors may be ported from the desktop Ryzen 7000.

Previously, AMD had stated that the new generation of mobile CPU codenamed "Phoenix Point", using 4nm process, Zen4 architecture, equipped with RDNA3 GPU, with AIE engine. According to reports, the AIE (artificial intelligence engine) of AMD's new generation of processors is likely to be based on the acquired Xilinx IP.

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