AMD's new graphics card this year is higher than 7,000 yuan

The whistleblower @_wildc revealed that AMD’s new RX 7000 series graphics cards released this year will not be less than $1,000 (about 7,070 yuan), even if the price of two new Navi31 products will be almost $1,200. Dollar.

Among them, the RX 7900 20GB model is about $1299 (about 9183.93 yuan), and the RX 7900 XT 24GB model is about $1599 (about 11304.93 yuan).

Another whistleblower @JumboShrimp787 said in reply to him that there may be new Navi 32 (7800 series) products this year, and he believes that this mid-range card is expected to be less than $800 (about 5656 yuan).

 NVIDIA released the RTX 4090 flagship graphics card this week, equipped with 16384 CUDA + 24GB video memory, starting at 12,999 yuan, and it will be available on October 12.

The new RTX 40 series uses the same TSMC foundry as AMD, but Nvidia uses a more advanced 4N process, which has more advantages than AMD's RDNA 3 on the node.

When asked by reporters, Huang Renxun explained the reasons for the high prices: Moore's Law has failed, and now 12-inch wafers are much more expensive than before, and the idea of ​​chip price reductions has been buried. He said prices would rise across the supply chain, and the huge generational performance boost made it impossible to meet the "same performance for half the money" condition or twice the performance for the same money, and with the technology Getting more expensive, they have to use more ways to roll out inventions like RTX, DLSS, SCR, Tensor Cores so that they can continue to overcome the cost increase.

In addition, as the AMD RX 6000 graphics card life cycle draws to a close, AMD has also begun to cut prices to better compete with NVIDIA's RTX 30-series graphics cards. The new price list was finalized on September 15 and began to take effect at online retailers.

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