AMD's next-generation Ryzen mobile platform CPU Phoenix is equipped with Xilinx AI engine

AMD has confirmed that their laboratory has successfully run the company's first Ryzen "Phoenix" CPU equipped with Xilinx AI acceleration engine, which is also AMD's first application after acquiring Xilinx.

The president of AMD's Adaptive and Embedded Computing Group confirmed at the AI ​​Hardware Summit that they have next-generation Ryzen CPUs running in the lab, equipped with Xilinx's AI acceleration engine.

This also confirms that the AMD Phoenix Point CPUs have been officially taped out, but there is still a long way to go before the new products go on sale, and they still need to go through a rigorous verification process in the lab.

Unsurprisingly, AMD is expected to show off its Phoenix Point CPUs for mobile platforms at CES 2023, under the new naming scheme the company recently announced. That said, the Phoenix Point APUs will arrive as the AMD Ryzen 7000 mobile processor family.

From previous information, the AMD Phoenix Point APU series will use both Zen 4 and RDNA 3 cores, and this APU will also support LPDDR5 and PCIe 5 protocols, and provide a product lineup from 35W to 45W.

AMD also noted that notebook products may also bring memory technologies other than LPDDR5 and DDR5. The AMD Ryzen 7000 series will include two mobile platform models: one is Dragon Range for high-performance laptops, and the other is Phoenix for thin and light designs, and the latter is expected to use the RDNA3 architecture iGPU With Zen 4 CPU core, supports PCIe 5.0 and LPDDR5.

According to the exposed specifications, the Ryzen 7000 series APU seems to be equipped with 8 cores and 16 threads and may have a higher core count, which should be a unique design of the Dragon Range chip. In addition, the Phoenix APU will use a higher number of RDNA 3 CUs, which can bring performance comparable to the 60W RTX 3060 mobile version.

Of course, the Phoenix Point APU will also be AMD's first product equipped with an AIE or AI engine, enabling AI task acceleration and more.

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