Analyst: Apple's iPhone 14 / Pro series sold about 987,000 units in the first three days

One week after the launch of Apple's iPhone 14 mobile phone series, the market's attitude towards the four models in the series was significantly different. The iPhone 14 Plus, which was originally favored by many digital enthusiasts, was cold, and the ordinary iPhone 14 was even Not as good as last year's iPhone 13.

Investment bank Jefferies (Jefferies) released the latest research report. Chinese consumers are buying fewer iPhone 14s at the start of the launch than they did last year when the new models went on sale, and the world's largest smartphone market is experiencing "a year of decline," according to the report.

Analysts such as Edison Lee pointed out in the latest report that Apple's latest series of smartphones sold 987,000 units in the first three days of launch, 11% lower than the sales of similar products in the iPhone 13 series in the same period last year.

It was a rare double-digit decline for the iPhone, which has been the most resilient of sales in China's smartphone market, while its domestic leader has been sluggish throughout the year.

In addition, Jefferies analysts also mentioned, "These preliminary data suggest that iPhone 14 sales may not be as strong as pre-order levels suggest, after all, it doesn't cost to click to pre-order."

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