Anker launches new 67W 6-in-1 desktop socket

Anker launched 525 full gallium nitride 67W desktop sockets, equipped with 2A2C2AC 6 sockets, priced at 449 yuan, 359 yuan for the first release. This desktop socket is available in three colors. In terms of interfaces, this desktop socket has two USB-C and two USB-A ports on the front, and two AC ports on the back.

In terms of charging power, the dual C port of this desktop socket has a maximum power of 67W, and the A port has a maximum charging power of 12W. 

Officials said that this product uses a new third-generation gallium nitride technology to achieve smaller size, greater energy, and stronger temperature control. Newly upgraded AI temperature control 2.0, temperature measurement 40 times per second, 3 million guards throughout the day, 300J surge protection, and the current is more stable.

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