Apple 49mm Apple Watch Ultra Compatible with older 42-45mm bands

Apple today announced the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra, the most rugged and powerful Apple Watch. Apple Watch Ultra features a bold new design with new features for endurance sports, wilderness exploration, and adventure. Featuring a 49mm titanium case and flat sapphire glass, Apple Watch Ultra features the largest and brightest Apple Watch display ever.

According to Apple's official website, the new 49mm Apple Watch Ultra will work with most existing Apple Watch bands. The device is compatible with bands designed for larger 42, 44, and 45mm case sizes, including bands for Apple Watch Series 8 and earlier Apple Watch models.

However, the Apple Watch Ultra is not compatible with some of the smaller bands designed for the 38, 40, and 41mm Apple Watch models. The Apple Watch website describes it as follows:

  • "You can use most straps with any Apple Watch Series 3 or newer case of the same size. 41mm straps fit 38mm and 40mm cases; 45mm straps fit 42mm, 44mm, and 49mm cases.
  • Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop bands are only compatible with Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 or newer. The 40mm and 41mm cases fit on straps 1-9; the 44mm and 45mm cases fit on straps 1-12. "

Some bands, such as the sports band purchased for the 41mm Apple Watch, will not work with the 49mm Apple Watch Ultra, but bands designed for the larger Apple Watch models are compatible. Basically, if the user has a strap for the 42, 44, or 45mm Apple Watch model, it should work with the Apple Watch Ultra. Apple also says all Braided and Solo Loop sizes will work with the new, larger Apple Watch.

Conversely, the Trail Loop, Alpine Loop, and Ocean Bands made for the Apple Watch Ultra are also available on the 44mm and 45mm Apple Watches, but not on the smaller 40mm and 41mm models.

In other configurations, the customizable operation buttons of the Apple Watch Ultra allow users to quickly use a variety of practical functions. Apple Watch Ultra has the best battery life of any Apple Watch, with up to 36 hours of normal use. Plus, with a new low-power setting, battery life can be extended to up to 60 hours, perfect for multi-day wear. Specifically designed for the Apple Watch Ultra's large display, the "Pathfinder" watch face includes a compass integrated into the time display area and provides room for up to 8 complications. Apple Watch Ultra also brings three new straps: Trail Loop, Alpine Loop, and Ocean Strap, each uniquely designed to provide a safe and comfortable fit for every adventure.

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