Apple AirPods Pro second generation released

Apple officially released the second generation of AirPods Pro, priced at 1899 yuan, and will be available in retail stores from September 23 (Friday). Apple says this is the most advanced AirPods Pro to date, and the new AirPods Pro is powered by a new H2 chip that unlocks groundbreaking audio performance with major upgrades to Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode.

In terms of noise reduction, the AirPods Pro is equipped with a new H2 chip, and the noise reduction capability can be up to twice that of the previous generation AirPods Pro. AirPods Pro features new low-distortion audio drivers and custom amplifiers that deliver deeper bass and crystal-clear sound across a wider frequency range. In addition, Transparency Mode allows users to continuously perceive their surroundings and keep in touch with the outside world. Now, Adaptive Transparency Mode takes this much-loved feature one step further. Powered by the powerful H2 chip, on-device processing reduces loud ambient noises such as sirens of passing vehicles, construction noise, and even loudspeakers at concerts.

In terms of sound quality, personalized spatial audio allows AirPods to provide a more immersive listening experience. Each user perceives sound differently, which is related to the size and shape of each person's head and ears. Users can use the iPhone's TrueDepth camera to create spatial audio personal profiles for a listening experience precisely tuned for them. Users can enjoy personalized spatial audio with dynamic head tracking while listening to music, and watching movies and TV shows on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

In terms of connectivity and control, AirPods Pro can be easily paired with all Apple devices instantly, while the new AirPods-specific section in iOS settings helps users easily access and control AirPods features. Now, users can directly control audio playback and volume adjustment without the aid of other devices. Using AirPods Pro's touch controls, swipe up or down on the stem to quickly adjust the volume. Users can switch music, answer incoming calls, or say "Hey Siri" with just a tap on the stem of the earphones, giving them hands-free commands. A new and improved built-in skin detection sensor can play or pause audio more accurately while delivering better battery life.

In terms of battery life, the new AirPods Pro has an increase of 1.5 hours of listening time compared to the previous generation, and in active noise reduction mode, the listening time can be up to 6 hours. The wireless charging case can charge the earphones an additional 4 times, which means users can enjoy up to 30 hours of listening time in Active Noise Cancellation mode, a full 6 hours more than the previous generation. Users can charge the AirPods Pro with an Apple Watch charger, and MagSafe chargers, Qi-certified chargers, or Lightning cables are also compatible. Additionally, AirPods Pro features a newly designed sweat- and a water-resistant charging case that includes a lanyard hole to keep the device within easy reach. The pinpoint function allows users to locate the charging case based on the navigation route provided by the iPhone with the U1 chip. Speakers built into the charging case play louder sounds to help locate the AirPods Pro.

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